Maximus Cane Corso

====================================== Pyrantel (dewormer, will NOT treat tapeworms) ====================================== ————————————————————————– Pyrantel (dewormer, will NOT treat tapeworms) Sold on Amazon as “Pyrantel 50mg 16oz” ——————————————————————— Can be given directly to your pet or mixed with food. Shake bottle before each use, this is extremely important because this is a suspension and the active ingredient will settle at the bottom […]

WARNING: Use any drug with caution and realize that a small percentage of dogs can be allergic to any one of the following antibiotics. Do NOT give antibiotics to a very young dog without consulting a veterinarian, as some drugs (like tetracycline) can harm puppy teeth. At some point most dogs are going to need a dose […]

When you have a large breed puppy like Cane Corso the goal is to keep him lean, with controlled growth. A healthy, large or giant breed puppy will thrive on a portion-controlled, balanced diet. A lot of times when I look at young pups I see a fat dog. The owner sees a nice happy puppy. I’m […]

Repost from: You can trust veterinarians just as much as car salesmen, bankers, lawyers, and real estate agents .. they all make a living out of selling you something and/or separating you from your money. The Pharma rep knows your veterinarians birthday and always brings your vet something when he visits .. maybe takes him and […]

Animal rights groups prey on the naive who fall for deceptive legislation which may sound moderate or fair-minded at first glance, but they embed language to criminalize animal owners or chip away at our Constitutional rights.

Have you ever wondered if dogs really dream about chasing kittens and cats? According to Harvard psychologist, Dr. Deirdre Barrett, canines are likely dreaming about their human caretakers. Barrett has been studying sleep behavior in humans for years. Although she says there’s no 100% certainty to know what animals dream about, Barrett can extrapolate what she knows […]

Maximus Cane Corso is introducing our new litter, born on Monday, Feb 25th 4 girls and 2 boys SIRE: DREAM DIAMOND A STAR FROM LATVIA (AKC #WS51904501)DAM: APRIORI BEST VSELENNAYA (AKC #WS56541701 We are accepting reservations, puppies start from $2300 * Both parents are OFA health tested. Licenced Kennel, permit number W3HB17P1370420 Brutus

CANINE EXHIBITIONS DESTROY THE BREEDS “I have made my choice and I do not bring my dogs anymore on show … why? Both the breeders and the exhibitors that the judges are struggling to admit that they get used to the changes in the breed.In some cases these changes are so fixed in the breed that they […]