Maximus Cane Corso

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We currently don't have any puppies available 🙁
But we do have a young Male available

Sire: Dream Diamond A Star From Latvia (WS51904501)

Dam: Apriori Best Vselennaya (WS56541701)

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 Male available

Bruno is 4 years old

Purebred Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) from AKC Registered parents.
Both Sire and Dam are European imports and from champion bloodlines.
All black color and has excellent head and build, obedience & crate trained 
and is good with other animals and children.
* Both parents are OFA health tested with excellent scores.
Initial costs of getting a puppy are relatively low compared to potential medical expenses in case there is a health issue, that’s the main reason you should try to get the best you can afford, if you make a mistake at this point this decision will stay with you for the life of the dog.
There are few common issues in this breed and in large breed dogs in general, hip dysplasia, elbow and joint issues and a new one is epilepsy. None of our puppies form these parents ever (this is a 3rd litter from Brutus and Harli) suffered from these issues or any other debilitating conditions. Also a lot of modern dogs may look good in pictures but cannot physically perform as a working dog, our dogs are challenged both physically and mentally and we work with them in Florida summer weather and they can perform for hours without any issues like overheating etc..
In your decision of getting a puppy choosing the right breeder and right parents is most important and cost should not be the highest deciding factor, we understand this and are willing to work with our new puppy owners by offering few options, like 2-3 payments, making payment with credit cards via Pay Pal. 
You are welcome to call us to discuss these options.
We are a South Florida boutique breeder located in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Licenced kennel, permit number W3HB17P1370420